Our History

In 1884 Dr. Frank Rosenberg started a medical practice in Plum Creek, Nebraska and practiced until 1910 at which time Dr. Justus C Olsson purchased the practice from him.  Dr. Olsson served the community until 1917 at which time he enlisted in the Army Medical Corp for one year.  In 1940 Dr. P. Bryant Olsson joined his father and practiced medicine until 1941 when he was called in the Army Medical Corp during World War II.  Dr. Justus Olsson practiced alone until Dr. P. Bryant Olsson returned from the military in 1946.  Dr. Justus C Olsson died in 1947.

Dr. P Bryan Olsson organized the Plum Creek Medical Group, P.C. and served the community from 1940-1941 until 1978 when he retired and moved to Arizona.

Dr. Wayne Weston, was part of Plum Creek Medical Group, from 1966-1995.

The present members of Plum Creek Medical Group, P.C. are:


John M. Ford, MD 1973
Gregory M. Kloch, MD 1989
Edward M. Ford, MD 2002
Jennifer Hunke, PAC 2012
Melissa Hall, PAC 2014
Adam Dannehl, PAC 2016
Jason J. Dillard, PLMHP 2017
Maria Diaz-Guerrero, PLMHP 2021