Edward Ford, MD

Family Medicine Specialist

Born in Lexington and graduated from Lexington High School in 1988.

Education and Experience:

  • Graduated from University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1999 and completed his residency there.
  • Undergraduate degree in Microbiology from University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.
  • Family Medicine Rural Training from 1999 – 2002.
  • Joined the Plum Creek Medical Group staff in July of 2002.

Areas of Medical Expertise:

Family Medicine, preventative healthcare, management of chronic health conditions, Hormone therapy, Immigration physicals, Infectious disease, joint injections, dermatology and lesion removals.


Dr. Ford is married to Casey and they have three children, two daughters and a son.


Family, instrument-rated private pilot, fly-fishing, upland bird hunting, habitat development and golfing.